Dwayne Robinson Construction Group LLC did a total interior renovation of my 1965 mid century modern house in Sarasota, plus exterior renovation and new landscape.

The workmanship was beyond my expectations in quality, the project was completed in a very timely manner and on budget. Dwayne and his group were all great to work with.

Problems that appeared with extensive old termite damage once the sheetrock started coming off were dealt with immediately, effectively and barely affected the timeline.

Dwayne and his crew were flexible and open to problem solving. They did not see a request or “something custom” as an annoyance, rather as an interesting opportunity. Want a stainless-steel column in the middle of the living room instead of the old drywall covered wood? Not a problem. It is gorgeous.

Though my project was smaller than his usual work (1740 sq.ft.) I received all the attention and effort that he puts into each of his projects.

With a hearty and unequivocal recommendation,

Katherine DeSousa, Sarasota, FL

My husband and I have contracted DE Robinson Construction Group, LLC to build our new residence on Casey Key, Nokomis, FL. We are very pleased with the quality of the work and the efficiency with which the project has proceeded.

As a client, my husband has been in the construction and real estate industry on both the commercial and residential side for over 40 years, and is well-qualified to recognize competency and professionalism in a general contractor. Dwayne Robinson displays those skills as well as enjoys a remarkable, solid, strong, mutually respectful relationship with his subcontractors, which is so very crucial to the timely and cost efficient completion of a project.

We do not hesitate to recommend him and his firm in the capacity of a general contractor to any prospective owner to build/renovate in the Sarasota area.

Julia H. Clark, Casey Key, Nokomis, FL.

Dwayne Robinson built our home in Bird Key. Dwayne proved himself to be true to his word on quality, price and deadline.

One Sunday, while outing in Casey Key, we discovered a lot for sale and we fell in love with the lot location. Because Dwayne Robinson has proven himself to be dependable, trust worthy, innovative, flexible, hardworking, he was called immediately for his opinion and thoughts. We purchase the lot and are now on our third building project with Dwayne Robinson.

Dwayne hires people who are very capable and knowledgeable to work with, he is loyal to his projects and does not hesitate to make suggestions to better the project. He has a wonderful sense of humor, which may not seem important at the onset of a project, but believe me you will appreciate it with time.

Margaret A. Eldred, Bird Key, Sarasota, FL.

Dwayne Robinson is a contractor who matches well with clients who expect a premium-level outcome without necessarily paying the extra costs that come with the larger construction companies. Dwayne was always reachable, available, on the job and closely involved in all aspects of the project.

The cost was exactly what he said it would be. We did not have to deal with “change orders” and unexpected price increases that often apply with some contractors. His subcontractors were all top notch, professional, polite and highly capable.

Chris and Rebecca Jaensch, Sarasota, FL.

A little background, my career includes 4 years as a residential/commercial electrician. We have worked with other contractors over the years building two custom homes. So we are familiar with the process of construction.

We were first introduced to you during the beginning stages of a townhouse remodel in 2010. The kitchen designer/contractor wanted to bring in someone with the expertise necessary to make the structural changes we had planned. What a blessing it turned out to be. You took over all the interior modifications needed to rearrange the master, bath, upstairs bath, and kitchen. Despite the usual surprises that a remodel invariably offers, you finished on time and on budget. Throughout the entire project, you demonstrated the knowledge, patience, and can-do attitude that made the project a positive experience.

Fast forward two years, we needed to transform what is basically a 9200 square foot box into a customized work space that will allow our business to work efficiently and safely. There was no hesitation, we called you. From permitting and banking requirements, to working with the various sub-contractors, you were always unflappable and professional. Two years later we are extremely happy with the result. I could not imagine accomplishing so much with the budget available without your guidance and management.

We would heartily recommend Dwayne Robinson Construction Group to manage any construction project, large or small.

Rex B. Hosfeld, Sarasota, FL.